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Just bought :

Looking for Secret Santa gifts before ballet class, I came across this adorable silicone clasp-closure purse in the raddest stationery store in Funan (that by the way has a huge Rilakkuma collection!) – 

I got the yellow, and it is now my wallet :-)

There is something so satisfying about that resistant ‘click’ you get when you press together or push apart the clasp. Which explains my soft spot for things with clasp closures.

Now I want its small rotund brother too, the Pochi :

… and the Pochi Bit-Strap, handy when you just need to stash something small while keeping it safe and secure :

… or the PochII with its slim shape for storing gadgets :

T’was a productive shopping trip – both Secret Santa gifts ticked off (as well as the purse) in 20 minutes. Yay for stationery shops that stock all manner of interesting giftable items.

And now I’m very sore but happy post-ballet class. Time for bed! Good night dearies. xx

(via atsilicone)


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