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weekend #49.

This year’s office outing and Christmas party brought us to an indoor archery range.

Us Robin Hood wanna-be’s.

It was good fun, but also really hard! On my very last try, I scored three bullseyes (! all clustered together! ).

You know what they say – quit when you’re winning and all of that.

We ended the day at Spruce with a lovely dinner – everyone was meant to wear wigs! Let’s just say it was a wild, fun-filled night. :-)

The day after, the weather cooperated and we enjoyed our favourite fish soup noodles in cool, rainy breeze.

Sunday was tea day – TWG time!

Ohhh. Cream and tea jelly. NOM.

… With scones and matcha financiers! Sadly, scones were much harder and drier than I remembered them to be.

The financiers were pretty good though :-)

I just realized there’re lots of circles in the pictures above! LOL. Can you spot them too?

What are your plans for Christmas? It’s getting really festive already, with lots of presents, gatherings, dinners, and celebrations to attend! I’m really looking forward to next week when my office shuts for a week. It’ll be great to hit the ‘re-set’ button in preparation for 2012.

Also excited for our trip to Hanoi over the New Year. Bun cha and cha ca la vong, here I come!





2 thoughts on “weekend #49.

  1. Yirong says:

    did you take the fish soup photo sis? it’s gorgeous – the lighting, the vignetting, and the setup/composition. very nice!

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