all together, with feeling now

Rain before sunshine.

It’s been a rough week – my mum went into hospital for two surgeries a couple days before Christmas. My sis flew back on Christmas eve, the day of the more major surgery, and thankfully both procedures went very smoothly. The High-Dependency Unit wasn’t exactly where we imagined we’d be gathering for Christmas as a family, but most importantly, my mum was fine and we were all together.

She is now home resting, and I’ve been spending most of my time with her. My skin’s been acting up as well so to say this is a trying time is an understatement. But my mum is on the path toward healing, so fingers crossed for better times in 2012 :-)

On a lighter note, the rainy weather these days has made me thankful for but also a little bored of my Crocs sandals. So Style Bubble’s advertorial on Sorel’s rain boots caught my eye for their combination of lovely colours and rubbery ruggedness.

I’m tempted by the low-cut red ones!

(Style Bubble)


2 thoughts on “Rain before sunshine.

  1. theletterzee says:

    thanks melly, that’s very much what’s in our hearts and minds. she’s doing well so hope 2012 will bring health and peace to her and also to you!

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