all together, with feeling now

Oh, 2011.

You’ve been such a challenging year in so many ways!

Many times it felt like I was climbing uphill, and falling back down the hill on my arse sure hurt. :)

I’m happy though with where you’ve brought me thus far as we move into the New Year – happily doing up our new home, ready to move in in a few months; loving what I do + my colleagues, while being appreciated for it; and with a renewed appreciation for close family and friends thanks to all the trials and tribulations this year.

So thank you for the lessons and the hope and the tears and the frustration and the laughs. I’m sure 2012 will be a swell year with a stronger, more resilient, calmer me taking it on.

Happy 2012 my dears! Thanks for being there for me always, listening and/or saying hi :) I wish you love, laughter, and adventure in the coming year.

(Forever is Today)


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