said tongue in chic

From zero to hero.

I have a real love/hate relationship with mascaras. They can be tough to apply, flake during wear resulting in eye irritation for my sensitive eyes, and those that stayed on obstinately stay put – all the tugging and swiping required to remove it would cost me a few of my eyelashes.

Then I found Maybelline’s Magnum Volum’ Express mascara in waterproof.

The formula’s a little clumpy, but it elongates and plumps up my lashes beautifully. It doesn’t curl though, so you need to curl your lashes before using. But once you apply, the curl holds all day – even with my slightly oily lids and sensitive eyes. And removal is painless, swift and easy with some waterproof-makeup remover. My lashes don’t feel like dried toast after removing the mascara, and there are way fewer ‘casualties’ along the way.

I’ve fnally found a mascara I can wear all day, everyday! Whee :-) So I thought I’d share the joy with you.

Oh, and Watsons and Guardian pharmacies are running 20% discount on these now, so if you’re keen on trying this baby out, there’s no better time.


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