Treasure chest.

As we move into 2012, the new place is excitingly becoming more and more of a reality. Tiling work’s complete; to come are cabinetry, lighting points, built-in appliances and fixtures (e.g. toilet, sink, cooker).

We’re trying to make furniture-shopping an ongoing thing just so we find the right item fit for our needs – lately I’ve been thinking of my dresser.

I’ll need it to hold a whole bunch of skincare / toiletry products, makeup, and also my beloved jewelry (my babies!).

This dresser is so gorgeous with the vintage tile, made modern with acrylic shelving and a cute little jewelry rack.

I’m very persnickety about jewelry storage – has to be in a lined drawer with compartments or they oxidise / get tangled together etc. So this Samantha Wills  jewelry chest is really calling my name…

Note to self : fresh flowers in the walk-in wardrobe would make dressing up feel twice as fun :-)

(Pinterest & Samantha Wills)


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