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How we ushered in 2012.

Hello darlings! I am back from Bangkok – it was a great trip, full of belly laughs, good food, and retail therapy. Just what I needed!

I thought I’d share some of my favourite and long-overdue shots of my Hanoi trip that straddled the New Year.

New Year’s Eve dinner was a lovely buffet in the bar / lounge area; we got seats in the glass-house section which just glowed with the fairy lights outside.

I was too hungry by then (dinner started at 9pm!) to take pictures of the food, but I did get a picture of the Cracker surprise. I love crackers.

I got a pelican joke, and a little red scrunchie.

We decided it’d be more atmospheric to count down outside by the pool, where most of the guests were. It was a chilly night, but the lights on the water and the beautiful historic-looking architecture warmed the heart alright :-)

I love this shot of us – we look so happy! This was just after the clock struck midnight. It was a magical moment, because 2012 promised so many new things – us moving into our first home together, our honeymoon, and new adventures. But more than anything, I was very relieved 2011 was over – our super eventful December (with my mum entering hospital, my skin flaring up so badly etc.) was behind us now. We could start again. And 2012 had to be better. It just had to be.

The first day of 2012? We ate. Cha ca la vong, specifically :-) It is such an experience, and while the fare is simple, the flavours are so satisfying.

So that was how we ushered in 2012!

Bangkok photos to come soon.


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