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May seems to have been the month of fixations for me. I’ve been a little obsessed with these things…

1. Make-up.

I’ve had the same make-up routine since I was 15 or 16. Give or take one or two products (such as blot powder, that’s been a more recent addition), it’s been the same sunscreen-eyebrow pencil-blush-undereye-concealer drill all these years… I am absolutely boring :-)

Part of this is because I have ultra-sensitive eyes – eye make-up has actually gotten me into real trouble before, resulting in an uber-nasty eye infection that grew unbearable, ultimately culminating in me lying on the eye doctor’s day-surgery table feeling the raw pain of a scalpel blade on the underside of my eye-lid -shudder-.

So for the past few years I’ve dipped my toes in and experimented a little with cheap Maybelline mascara and such, but largely stayed away as my eyes tend to get irritated after periods of prolonged use.

Ah, but the stubborn and stupid don’t give up! So I am back on the horse again, and bought a shimmery gunmetal MAC liquid eyeliner, eyelash primer, and waterproof Loud Lash mascara a few days ago :

I’ve used them twice now, and I’m sad to report that my eyes have been burning and stinging a little at different times of the day. Can’t be totally sure that it’s them though, as my under-eye concealer tends to also irritate my eyes when it gets old, which it is, so we’ll see how it goes.

Part two of the Great Make-up Experiment consists of bold lip colors.

I got Dior’s Addict Extreme lipstick in ‘Lucky’, which is a cheery warm pink that makes for a nice rosy lip-stain – I just dab a little on when I feel my lips are looking pale and they make me look human again :-) It’s also quite moisturizing as lipsticks go.

This wouldn’t be a legit fixation if I didn’t also get more products, so here we go –

Ever since I saw this Tom Ford ad…

I’ve been hunting around for this gorgeous purple lip color. Then I spotted the ‘Colour Saturation’ Cremesheen Glass from MAC’s Reel Sexy collection (third from top), and there was no way I wasn’t having it :-) I’m loving it, and actually find the purple more wearable than the bright orange or fuschia lipsticks (…also MAC) that I have and love but seldom wear.

The last make-up item that I needed to close the loop was a good waterproof make-up remover. I’ve got L’Oreal’s supposedly ‘Gentle’ bi-phase make-up remover but that stuff is so bad at removing waterproof liner and mascara, I have to clean my eye 4-5 times, tugging and rubbing as I go. So I had to find something else.

Lancome Bi-Facil seemed to be the absolute holy grail when I did a little Google trawl, but it also costs S$48. Ouch.

Today, I found Garnier’s Clean Sensitive eye make-up remover at Giant hypermarket for $10.95, and thought, why the hell not. The fact that it had no perfume or alcohol sounded good to me.

I have to say, this remover is amazing! It does what it says on the tin – removes waterproof eye make-up efficiently and without fuss. One cotton pad, placed over one eye for 5 seconds, a few gentle dabs – everything was gone, and my eyes felt so comfortable! I’m sold.

2. Bibigo.

Korean food has never been my ‘thing’. I had the impression it was always sour, always spicy, and nothing much else. But boy did I learn I was wrong, since I tried Bibigo on my work trip last week to Beijing. I am now officially obsessed, and the egg-topped kimchi fried rice sizzling in the hot stone bowl is a frequent food-porn fantasy I’ve been having at random times of day.

Mmmmm. Crisped sesame-oil flavored rice at the bottom of the hot stone bowl. Yes, please. (I’m scheming my way to the Raffles City branch, pronto.)

3. Marks & Spencer’s new packaging.

We stumbled upon the new Marks and Spencer flagship store in Wheelock Place a couple of weeks ago, and the Food Hall was a lovely surprise filled with gorgeous, rustic, rather un-M&S displays, irresistably beautiful packaging, and surprisingly young staff manning the tills. Good on you, M&S! :-)

I bought a pack of organic green tea with lemon that I’ve been having almost every day; it’s the perfect balance of tanginess and earthiness with the lemon and the green tea. We also bought the 36% Peruvian chocolate and will be back for more.

Have a great weekend, my dears!


2 thoughts on “fixated.

  1. missjabok says:

    your make up routine sounds a lot like mine! sunblock (SO IMPORTANT!), under eye concealer and blush. power to you for venturing into the deep. do share how the mascara / liner adventures turn out :)

    • theletterzee says:

      yeah sunblock is SO important right!? LOL. I think it really helps with skin texture in the long run, plus I get burns / pigmentation easily so I have to use it anyway. Thanks for the encouragement! Heh will share stories in a bit.

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