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It’s been quite a search for a good home fragrance.

We’ve tried Yankee candles, but the two scents we got (Fluffy Towels and Island Spa) were a little too perfumey for my liking. We got the little jars with lids, and they’re really cute and handy for bringing around though.

Charmed by the great service in Penhaligon’s, we also bought a Quercus candle on impulse. (Ouch.) Unfortunately by the time we went home and unwrapped the candle I was certain we’d made a poor choice – it smelt so much like those cheap men’s colognes. So we haven’t lit it yet, hopefully it would be better when lit.

Yesterday, while out shopping for furniture, Grafunkt was selling these Compagnie de Provence diffusers. I’d seen the hand soaps from this brand before, but not the diffusers. The Incense Lavender was powdery and woody, yet gentle – so it came home with me.  :-)

How about you? Do you scent your home, or do home scents give you a headache?

p.s. Have a lovely week ahead my dears!

(Compagnie de Provence / I Like It Here)


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