all together, with feeling now


I’m loving this cover of Vogue from 1940 – just stunning and fun and classic all at the same time.

I spent much of last week and early this week feeling under the weather, which really sucked. I’m hopefully on the way to recovery now, and really excited for the National Day public holiday and weekend to come… Plans include : running errands, celebrating M passing his last CFA exam everrr (!), poolside BBQ with family, and catching up on sleep. How about you? What will you be up to?

Please be patient with me on the holiday snaps… They will come, I promise :-)




2 thoughts on “1940.

  1. wl says:

    wow big congrats to M ! CFA exams seem really tough (I’ve got lots of smarty friends who have had to retake level 1…), he’s probably the only person I (sort of) know that has passed all exams. get well soon ! the vogue cover is awesome, perfect for the current olympics season.

  2. theletterzee says:

    thanks for your kind words! i’m very happy for him, and mostly relieved – it is such a stressful, time-consuming process – working and studying at the same time (6 textbooks per exam!) is so hard.

    that’s true – i never thought about the cover for Olympics but you’re absolutely right – maybe that was the subconscious inspiration! hehe.

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