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Turning 27 was a bit of a non-event. I suppose birthdays get a lot more civilized as you get older, but also secretly I think it’s because my twin and I celebrated it separately,so it became less special. Incomplete, almost.

Nonetheless, I’d like to thank all my friends who’ve (or are soon to be belatedly :-)) celebrating it with me. I ate well, and in good company.

There was…

Birthday-eve lunch with S, at Selfish Gene Cafe on Craig Road. This all day breakfast set was just what I needed.


There was the office birthday cake. Cedele’s carrot walnut, special request!
The day of, we had brunch at Em by the River.
Then, dinner at Gunther’s. The service there is unbeaten – warm, sincere, discreet. I had my cold-angel-hair-caviar-pasta fix, and went ‘awww’ at the father-and-son dinner date going on a couple of tables away. They ordered the full 3 course dinner! Dad fed his son. It was simply adorbs.
There were a couple of occasions that went unphotographed – Pasta Brava with Joycey, Lyd, Ritz; and Kith Bistro with Yixiao and Di. Oh and also the lovely surprise of M’s friends bringing me a birthday cake (strawberry shortcake, mmmm) and singing a song.
It was simply lovely to hang out over a good meal; just the way I’d have liked to celebrate this mini milestone of sorts.
The celebration continues tomorrow, with dinner at La Villa with some close friends. Looking forward to stuffing my face with more pasta :-)




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  1. theletterzee says:

    Xiao : agreed!

    Meds : thanks so much :-) yes you should! Great place to while away an afternn or get a nice lunch cuppa.

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