all together, with feeling now, Pinterest-ing

thought bubbles.

I’ve got nice leather armchairs on the brain now.

And nice art.

Oh, we also need a mirror near the door. This one’s suh-weeeet.

But yet we can’t bring ourselves to buy more things to fill the home – because it’s not like we need another living room seat amongst the two of us; or another piece of art amongst our crowded walls / floors (we’ve leant most of our art on the floor… wall commitment-phobe speaking). And also technically we have survived thus far without a mirror near the doorway; no wardrobe disasters just yet (except a few errant un-buttoned situations).

But yet it seems that I somehow totally validated my need for this vintage tent dress with a parrot on it :

Vintage tent dress from littlelightVTG on Etsy.

Hmmmmm. The mind is truly a curious thing :-)


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