all together, with feeling now, said tongue in chic

The Beekeeper’s Daughter.



Sarah Burton’s Alexander McQueen Spring 2013 collection was awe-inspiring. I am so in love with the honeycomb / bee motif that runs throughout the collection. Not to mention all that lovely geometric construction.

It really reminded me of good ol’ Sylvia Plath, and this poem, “The Beekeeper’s Daughter” :

Haunting and mysteriously beautiful, as only Plath can be.

(W Mag / Beekeeper’s Daughter / Cuadro de Tiza)


2 thoughts on “The Beekeeper’s Daughter.

    • theletterzee says:

      Zhu!!! So sorry I only just saw this comment now. How very naughty of me. Glad you liked the photos, and I sure hope we’ll see each other soon! I miss hearing all that gossip and your laughter that makes ME laugh :-) xx

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