all together, with feeling now

good morning, good morning.

Happy Monday everyone!

How was your weekend? What did you get up to?

I finally got the quiet, peaceful weekend that I’ve been needing so badly. We spent most of it near-horizontal on the couch watching Doomsday Preppers, Swamp People, and Homeland. It was a cooking weekend too; I had the pleasure of enjoying spiced chicken wings, tomato basil pasta and chicken noodle soup (on different occasions). For some reason I find Doomsday Preppers wildly entertaining. It also inspired a Sunday-night visit to the nearby NTUC for canned tuna, baked beans, and bottles of water. We got the canned tuna with less sodium and no spice, so that you wouldn’t feel so thirsty and need more water. (See, we’ve got it all worked out.) Ha. We discussed whether the M&S malted milk biscuits I’d previously bought would make it to the stockpile – dry biscuits make you thirstier, don’t they? And water’s your most precious finite resource while in survival mode. But then M thought long and hard about it and concluded that it could be a nice little occasional treat to keep the morale up.

Don’t you love how seriously we’re taking this?

Yes, I think Bear Grylls would approve.

I was also proud that on Saturday I got my act together and dragged my ‘blah’ self to Pilates, and then to vocal class. I made it through both fairly well, and that felt good. :-) Skin’s also been behaving very well – as a result, I can add to the list of things I can completely enjoy; blankets, showers, sleep, sitting down, wearing clothes. Small and simple things. But god, do they matter.

Good vibes are very, very welcome after the past few months where it honestly got really tough. So I’m just going to enjoy them while they last and keep swimmin’.

(photo of our oddball owl collection from Santorini)



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