all together, with feeling now

and twelve.

It’s quite suddenly December. I’ve been waiting all year for 2012 to end, but yet why does it feel like December crept up so abruptly?

2012 has been a real roller coaster ride! It tested me in many ways, and I’m thankful I made it through better for it.

We moved into our first home, finally after 2 years of planning. It feels so good to have a home to call my own, to have an anchor. I can’t imagine life without it now.

I started exercising on a more regular basis, taking ballet and pilates – both of which I actually enjoy. Which is saying a lot for someone who used to hate exercise with a vengeance.

I began vocal classes, and started exploring again something I’ve loved for so long but forsaken till now.

I am ever thankful for loved ones, friends and family, and their continued health and happiness.

So, 2012 – you’ve challenged me to find direction and meaning, and to have faith in the unknown.


2013, may you be about new adventures. A chapter in my life that will remain undefined for now – and rightfully, happily so.



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