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the heart of the matter.

2013 didn’t wait for me to catch my breath; it just put its foot down hard on the pedal and went for it.  I am still recovering but thankfully things have changed and I am starting a chapter anew :-) (more on that next time….)

Please can I return to the lovely time in Phuket and Bangkok over Christmas? It was exactly what the ol’ soul needed. A hit of the “pause” button. An escape from everyday life, straight into the idyllic little bubble that is a villa in Phuket, and a lovely hotel room in Bangkok.

As I was trying to be good about ignoring my phone, there isn’t exactly overwhelming photographic evidence.

I can’t wait to go back sometime soon :-) If only for the milk tea and the smiley Thai people.


IMG_0412 IMG_0409 IMG_0402 IMG_0399










IMG_0501 IMG_0496


IMG_0463IMG_0489 IMG_0487 IMG_0479 IMG_0477

IMG_0653 IMG_0738


IMG_0716 IMG_0580



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