this could be anything

look the world straight in the eye.

It’s been a productive few days meeting companies to talk about freelance work – I’m just glad to tap on that side of my brain again :-)

Oh, and of course, I’m happy to earn some moolah. 

Moolah’s been quite top of mind lately as I’ve applied for a summer course in London that will not come cheap but will be hopefully oh-so-worth-it. I am already counting down in my mind – but first I will need to get accepted into the course. And another tiny detail; I will need to earn more money to pay for it (and the flight and accommodation!). Ha.

In the nearer future, I’ve also signed up for an audition for a small musical production by a local non-profit theatre company, so there’s that to prepare for. (Eeks!)

It just feels good to have something concrete to work towards, and to also have revved the freelance engine to get things going – a great bounce-back from the grey clouds last week! :-) 

Have a lovely weekend y’all – I leave you with this thought … 


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4 thoughts on “look the world straight in the eye.

    • theletterzee says:

      Hi Andie, I’m talking about Theatre Lab Productions. They have a Facebook page with more information on the audition.

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