My funny Valentines.

Valentine’s Day this year was extra special because we had a nice home-cooked double date with my sister, who’s back from Hong Kong for a while. We had a simple salad, basil pesto spaghetti, and beautiful lamb cutlets with rosemary. Followed by icy ice-cream (too long in the freezer!) and blueberries.

It was lovely :) (Hence the lack of pictorial evidence)

It’s been a couple of weeks of adjustments, what with me starting a new freelance job early this month. It’s funny how I’ve fallen in love with the Arab Street locale (where the office is) with its daily smells of curry, samosas, and other miscellaneous yummies and charming little warungs but in a week’s time I’ll be moving my work routine closer to town, when I join another firm. This time for a few months – a more permanent arrangement in a temporary kind of way.


This weekend sees no end to the Chinese New Year feasting – some of my dearest friends are coming over to my place for a local-food smorgasbord (seeing as J and his family are visiting from Rotterdam and will want lots of Singaporean grub); then we’ve got dinner right after at M’s aunt’s place.

Huat ah, everybody! Have a healthy and happy Snake year full of laughter, love and good food.

all together, with feeling now

My funny Valentines.


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