a happiness offering.


J, P and their two tots came back to Singapore over the Chinese New Year, and so we had a local-food feast at my place. Barring “kid dramas” (Caitie fell and cut her lip! OMG.), it was the best kind of people and energy to fill the house up with :) Also their return to Singapore gave us all a perfect reason to pig out on char kway teow, duck rice, chicken wings, bak kut teh, and more.




And boy was it goooooood.




Especially Dottie’s blueberry crumble cake that was just the right density, with fresh blueberries dotted (pun intended) in. I am thankful that I have friends who bake so well. Ha.



Wearing my new dress from Rockstar for yet another CNY binge-fest at an auntie’s place. Family, sashimi, yu sheng, blackjack, and an Ah Boys To Men viewing made it a great night.



Our first look at my talented interior-designer-brother-in-law’s new pad over the weekend was nothing short of inspiring.



My little nephew giving me his cutest blank look. He didn’t have to try very hard to be adorable.



My older nephew decided to anoint everyone with panda stickers.



Udon with poached egg and butter. That’s it.

This bowl of noodles has tortured my consciousness for days since my sister ate it during lunch – I need to get my fix. Maybe tonight.


When I found out I didn’t make it through the audition, teh was quite simply, ingestible comfort. A hug in a mug, I say!



3 thoughts on “a happiness offering.

  1. theletterzee says:

    Hey melly, it’s called tsuro-koshi or something, in the taka food basement! It’s the only udon shop next to the ramen and grilled fish and sticky-rice bentos!

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