this could be anything

the flu sucks. that is all.

Hello folks! It’s gone a bit quiet here on the blog because my theatre workshop classes have started, so two evenings a week I sit with a bunch of 9 other people in an old classroom in The Substation and we do silly crazy surreal things together. It’s good fun but also super tiring. 

This whole balancing of the day job with classes at night thing – WELL.

At first I bravely embraced it. Still went for ballet and power plate classes on 2 other nights. Flew to KL for work in the day and then attended class in the evening. Resisted the tiredness.  In denial with my body. 

Then at the end of last week, I came down with a horrid flu that I’ve been trying to shake off all week. It’s still here but hopefully we’ll see the tail end of it soon. 

Honestly being sick is nasty but not being able to sing is even nastier. Sounds silly, I know. But singing just makes me happy in the simplest of ways, that it’s frustrating to lose that ability to cheer myself up after a hard day. I can’t wait to be well! 

Have a restful weekend my dears, and take some Vitamin C – hopefully this flu bug won’t reach you :) 



4 thoughts on “the flu sucks. that is all.

  1. wl says:

    hmm you might have to rest properly for a day or two in order to get back running (and singing). lots of water as usual and get well soon !

  2. theletterzee says:

    thanks wl! haha i did take MC on Monday and would’ve taken a couple more days but there’s stuff that needs to get done urgently so I couldn’t let my team down. have been glugging the water! fingers crossed it’ll be over soon. have a lovely weekend!

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