all together, with feeling now

eat drink man woman.


IMG_3004IMG_2997IMG_2986IMG_3001 IMG_3023 IMG_3029 IMG_3031 IMG_3044

Other than the fact that M and I bought felt super tired from too many late nights and a tough week, it was a lovely, lovely weekend. Lots of home cooking, retail therapy (1940s necklace and vintage dress purchases, first photo + second last photo! Yay me, boo wallet), and good coffee helped restore us somewhat.

It’s Monday again, oh too soon!

Have a good week my dears. xx



4 thoughts on “eat drink man woman.

  1. theletterzee says:

    i didn’t babe! They were 500 bucks. haha. and I don’t wear glasses at all. i LOVE cateye glasses though! sigh.

  2. theletterzee says:

    Melly, shankyoo! Applying lipstick makes me feel grown-up, so many memories of watching my mom apply these lovely deep reds… And those dainty lipstick cases with mirrors inside! Gotta go get me one of those :)

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