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Happiness comes from inside.

Given that the audition tally for June stands at “0” (is it weird that I am rather relieved?), I decided to give myself a bit of a compassionate break, and indulge.

Plus, when one has been besieged by a nasty flu bug for a few weeks and finally regains some semblance of humanity, one eats to savor life again.

IMG_3469Tsujiri at 100AM is so good, I had to think selfishly hard about whether to share this amazing gem of a dessert destination. Its macha sundae with azuki (red bean – but doesn’t the Japanese name sound so much cuter?) and rice balls is simply intoxicating. (Tip : I would pass on the macha roll cake; was a powdery let-down.)

The ice cream has a rich green tea flavor, and a smooth and light texture that’s rivaled only by Haagen Daaz. This sundae has occupied my psyche so much lately that it is now my iPhone wallpaper. (Safe to say I’m obsessed.)

IMG_3304I love Nigel Slater’s Simple Suppers program – even though the poor man seems to eat alone all the time! Cue : awwwwwwww.

M caught an episode where Nigel prepared this pasta with sausages sans casings, caramelized onion, coarse grainy and smooth mustard, and cream, and decided to try it out on me. I thank the TV gods for that moment of serendipity that led to this dish, because it was absolutely yummy and comforting.


After a long hiatus (read : a month or so), I returned to my udon obsession. The way that egg so carelessly sprawls itself over the noodles, and the way that butter cube perches so awkwardly… somehow makes me happy inside.


Charlie & Co’s The Producers burger has also been on the brain for a while now. I add in a fried egg for good measure – that just takes it up to a celestial level (for me, anyway). Portobello mushroom, crunchy greens, salty, gummy haloumi, and a fried egg. Oh. Be still my heart.


Ever since I realized Dorset Cereals do nothing but give me a sugar high and early lunchtime hunger pangs (damm yoo muesli!), I decided to cook myself breakfast before work when I can. This morning, I gingerly cooked a portobello mushroom and stood a safe distance glaring at it while it splattered angrily in the pan. And of course, a fried egg. Umami heaven.


Lunchtime creeps (as Su my colleague would call it) to Ikyu in Tiong Bahru with M was perfectly yummy. Set lunch was delicious. Our appetizers of spring salmon roll and wagyu yakitori meatballs were super tasty but both portions were a tad dismal. The main rice bowl with 4 or 5 sashimi cuts, tamago, and sweet mushrooms more than made up for it. We left full and happy – albeit craving for Tsujiri’s green tea ice cream in lieu of the milk-heavy macha ice cream we got at Ikyu to round out the meal. Heh.

… Also, I think this post is proof that I will never survive a carb-less diet of any sort. Ahem.


2 thoughts on “Happiness comes from inside.

  1. I shall try Tsujiri though the price keeps me away for a while. Or rather, no one really wants to eat dessert for lunch with me :p Hope it’s better than Hoshino!

    • theletterzee says:

      Hey meds, I haven’t tried Hoshino but Tsujiri’s pretty awesome in my humble opinion :-) hope you get to try it soon!

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