all together, with feeling now


The weather’s been freakish these past two days – first, the apocalyptic rain clouds yesterday afternoon, and then now the warm muggy hazy suffocating heat. Confusing much?

That just gets the wanderlust ticking away… The thought of Hong Kong in autumntime is particularly delicious. (And we may have enough miles to patch together a trip!)

On a side note, do you ever get the feeling like you’re just coasting along, the passive observer of your own life? Detached, drifting.

My state of mind when it comes to acting, singing, theatre anything at the moment can be typified as this :

Wringing hands, paralyzed in nervousness.

Overcrowded mind.

Distracted by doubt. “What makes you think you CAN?”, some small voice sneers.

I’ve been feeling like that – and quite confused – lately.

This is definitely what I need to do :

(top photo from wit & delight; bottom photo from Headspace)


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