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Dreaming of August.

So we decided to spend 5 nights of our London trip in Iceland!

I would love to go whale-watching, see the magnificent Gullfoss falls, and just generally be slack-jawed in awe of nature.

We will be staying in a small studio at Rey Apartments, which looks cosy and light :

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 3.31.25 PM

(1. & 4. Reykjavik Center Map 2. whale-watching Tripadvisor 3. Blue Lagoon Bestourism )


4 thoughts on “Dreaming of August.

  1. I really quite enjoyed iceland, even though it was rather subdued with the weather (plus a very nauseous boat ride in choppy waters to attempt to find us a whale). the main city is tiny, two rows of main shopping roads but i had a lovely time holed up in Mokka Kaffi (Reykjavík’s oldest cafe) when limited by the weather :p we stayed at welcome apartments at Vatnsstigur 11, also a decently decked out apartment. grab a car and travel around iceland!

    • hey meds! oo choppy waters do not sound fun. but yes i’m excited to discover the small cafes, new and old, and eat a hot dog or three! we have essentially three full days (and two half-days including flying in / out) so we may not do the car thing but stick to tours. i’ll check out welcome apartments thanks for the tip.

  2. oh wow what a trip it’s going to be! your plan sounds amazingly well-thought and you’ve plenty of time to hit up the highlights. went whale watching last year and it was surreal…

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