all together, with feeling now


Liam turned 1, and gave me a great excuse to get together with my girls, Joey and Shawna. We’ve been through so much shit in the past 3 years together, highs and lows, weddings and resignations and births (!) and lunchtime jaunts and more. I miss getting to see them every work day. Sigh.

Now I am so happy to watch Mason and Liam grow up. I see so much of their mommies in them.



We had high tea to celebrate Mother’s Day with M’s family, and it was just good family time. Stuffed with sweets and sandwiches, we stayed for four hours before dragging our lazy butts into the afternoon heat.

IMG_3619 IMG_3620 IMG_3621

Kilo at PACT is one of my favourite places to eat. Such great flavours. The Thai pork and egg salad, spicy salmon and tuna cubes, Mentaiko spaghetti, and Salmon sushiro make me super happy.


Hungry post-workout one day, we went to Plaza Singapura’s Nijin Nabe for some steamboat action. The soup is a collagen pork-bone base, and the set comes with lots of veg, and chicken meatballs. We swopped the prawn out for more chicken, since I’m allergic. Super yummy, but made me wonder if collagen soup was just another way of saying “fat”. Ha.


The Sushi Bar at Far East Plaza must be the hottest hole-in-the-wall now, it requires reservations for weekday lunches. The sashimi is so good it brings tears to my eyes at its creaminess. Sigh.


Trying out the New Balances. Who knew finding ankle socks that dip below the shoe-line are this hard to find, though!? (Pray tell where you get yours, anyone…?)


Pretty kitty at SMU who doth scorn my love.


Our next installment of the great monthly cook-out was hosted by Yixiao at her lovely abode. That painting! I couldn’t stop staring.


Happy hungry faces.

Yixiao made unagi tofu and crabstick rolls (as I couldn’t eat lobster, she kindly substituted for a nostalgic primary-school canteen favourite). Yiyang made a delicious roasted cauliflower chickpea salad. M made his grandma’s fried vermicelli with Narcissus pork leg and mushrooms. Andrew made a smacking-good chicken curry, sans belacan (thank goodness for allergy-conscious friends!), and Zhu brought her friend’s homemade cheesecup desserts.


We. Ate. Well.


(Thanks Yiyang for the photos!)



Now that my sis is back for good in Singapore (yay!), and I needed headshots taken, guess who I called :-) She enlisted some special professional assistance in the form of R, who does fashion photography for a living. How lucky am I to have such talented homies.

We had a studio set-up which resembled some kind of modernist art exhibit with all its geometric light boxes and obscure lighting. Ha.

It was very stressful and tiring to be a model (first world problems) but I am so thankful for the love and effort they put into this for me … plus I love the pics already, even without editing.


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  1. You look so good in that (I’m guessing vintage) dress at the eat-together with friends!

    About those socks, I buy mine at random cart stalls – once at Anchorpoint and another time at Jurong Point. Super cheap. Buy a whole lot cos they tear easily if you wear them often.

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