all together, with feeling now

Gili days.

Sorry for the radio silence the past few weeks! Rehearsals have begun and they’ve been a wave of intensity and stress and fun and sweat and tears all at once.

I thought I’d share some moments from our girls’ Gili Trawangan trip just before rehearsals started. The trip was a “hen trip” for one of my best friends, Joycey. We’ve known each other 16 years now and she’s more like a sister to me, since we grew up together and saw each other through so many ups and downs over the years.

6 of us girls set off, landing in Lombok.


That’s the beautiful Mount Rinjani volcano on Lombok island.

We didn’t spend any time in Lombok though – after touching down at the airport, it was a 2 hour drive up North and a 15 minute speedboat ride to Gili Trawangan in the dark of night.

The night we arrived, there was an awfully loud full moon party that went on till 7.30am. Needless to say, no sleep had at all.

But …




… I woke up to this.

Other than the crazy partying at night, Gili is so peaceful and tranquil. I fell in love with the island.




And I snorkeled for the first time ever in my life! Despite being terrified of open water. And I’m so glad I did it, because it was such a thrill. The water was cool and inviting, and wasn’t so terrifying since it was so clear and blue.


Some lovely memories had with these girls, none to be forgotten too soon. So glad we did the trip :-)


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