all together, with feeling now

Dancing down the road.

Rehearsals are now once a week only, so I’ve been eating well pigging out, watching copious amounts of TV, preparing for an audition (which was over today! Yay), catching up with loved ones and friends, and sleeping late. Usually, not having a whole lot to do sees me extremely restless, but I’ve been trying very hard to enjoy this period :-) And thankfully succeeding.


Scrambled eggs on toast with cracked black pepper prepared by the husband is heavenly and comforting, especially when you spend a whole week with an iffy stomach that won’t be placated by anything.


The thing I love most about these Camper sandals is how much they look like kids’ sandals.


We had a very satisfying supper at A-Roy Dee Thai Kitchen in Selegie, after watching Wild Rice’s The Optic Trilogy. Their tom yum broth is especially droolworthy – the perfect balance of sour and umami. I’m salivating just thinking about it.


The ham-and-cheese-toast and teh set at Toast Box is my absolute favourite way to start the day.



On a weekday last week, we decided to be a tad more happening than we usually are and had dinner at Sabio. I LOVE THEIR CHURROS. Crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. Mmmhh.


We also discovered a great clam and white wine hot tapas dish … so yummeh and worth the extra anti-histamines I have to consume.


One of the best days I’ve had in a long time was spent with my family at the Aquarium on a crowded Sunday afternoon. It meant a lot and was a really special time in many ways.


The thing I’ve missed most this month – rehearsals. Seeing the crazy, funny, lovely cast and crew I used to see six days a week; they’ve become family now. Today was Ollie’s last day as Cha and he gave us all gifts. This tiny cactus was mine :-)


These beautiful ladies have been such wonderful pals, and they make me laugh to boot. With all three of us embarking on exciting adventures this 2013, I’m just so glad I have them walking the road with me (and then stopping for cake together).


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