all together, with feeling now, this could be anything

to see new shores.

M and I are headed to Europe for three weeks this Saturday, and it’s going to be a good time to recharge and take stock of what a crazy year it’s been – and will continue to be. (And to pig out on cream tea, croissants, Berthillon ice cream, and other delectables in London, Paris and Reykjavik.)

Hindsight is a funny thing. If you told me this time last year that in a year’s time I’d actually get to to act, sing and dance onstage with one of Singapore’s most established and respected theatre companies, rehearse with and learn the ropes of theatre from a great band of funny, crazy, kind folks… I’d not have believed you.

I finished my six shows on Sunday, and that heady little adventure over the past two months have confirmed a long-held suspicion – that I’m fully, foolishly, irretrievably in love with being a part of theatre.

I’m feeling very thankful, and also dare I say a little proud of myself for making it through the process. Every step was new and foreign to me and I was scared as heck, unsure if I’d be “good enough”. New challenges, new environment, new rules. But I soldiered through and did my very best, and I’ve learnt so very much.

As they say, onwards and upwards! :-)


4 thoughts on “to see new shores.

  1. Enjoy your well-deserved holidays and please do eat all that you can :) Not sure if you were in the same play as my friend – three children and hokkien mee? either way, it must have used up all your energy so store more till the next session!

  2. theletterzee says:

    thanks meds, I will :) and you’re right… time to recharge and store energy for next time.

    I wasn’t – I was in the Mandarin 3 Little Pigs hehe. That play your friend was in sounds very interesting!

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