all together, with feeling now


Hello lovelies! It has been quite a while, hasn’t it, since I last said hi here?

I really want to share with you my adventures on our big August Europe trip (aka. honeymoon part deux!), but somehow in the three weeks we’ve been back it’s as if I’ve run smack into a giant wall of inertia and laziness, not helped by a triple-whammy of auditions (but those are triple-whammies of the best kind, so… no complaints.) (Just rather tired, is all heh).

I promise I will get round to it. It will be so lovely to relive the trip with you :)

Till then, I wanted to leave a little marking stone along this path, to quietly acknowledge this moment or period of life in some small way.

I am happy.

In spite of, and because of, all the highs and lows I’ve encountered in the past month or so.

I almost imagine whispering those words – “I am happy”, with some timidness and a lot of disbelief. Because it’s pretty damn cheesy to say so. But mostly because I’ve realised that it is some sort of minor personal victory for me to have found this vantage spot.

A year ago, I was gasping for air every day. Life felt like a struggle to keep my head above the surface while paddling water. Increasingly tiring, very scary, and also very dark.

Not a place I want to go back to.

It’s such a relief to be in a much better, lighter, brighter place now :-)



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