all together, with feeling now

I can almost taste the city again.

The Wolseley is a fairly intriguing proposition : it is a restaurant that sounds like a hotel while looking like a beautiful old train station terminus.

We decided to go for breakfast there because in the book “Where Chefs Eat”, breakfast at The Wolseley was recommended by over fifteen of the star chefs who formed the curators of the book. So we knew we had to do it.

IMG_5615 IMG_5605

We turned up early for our reservation but were hungry, so they offered us seats in the side salon instead of the main room.


We ended up loving these seats – natural sunlight streamed through the full-height windows and the room was also less frenetic than the main dining room (we sat there on another visit and liked it less).


IMG_5613 IMG_5614

The Croque Madame and Rosti with Poached Egg were both divine and comforting. A pity my poached eggs were slightly overcooked. The deliciousness of the dish and combination of flavors (fried potato + creamy egg + sweet thick balsamic vinegar + juicy roasted tomatoes. Mmmm.) more than made up for it though.

IMG_5620 IMG_5624

The Wolsley bathrooms were located down a charming stairway that looked like it would belong on the set of The Great Gatsby.



London’s buildings are simply lovely.


Later that afternoon, we were at it again on Charlotte Street – our late lunch ended up being Thai food at Janetira. Cute little joint with friendly service, and the best Thai iced tea! M’s red curry was tasty while my noodles were light on flavor but nonetheless comforting.

IMG_5649 IMG_5659




Another musical we were really looking forward to catch was The Sound of Music at Regent Park’s open air theatre. A quick early dinner was in order at Pret a Manger. I love the lemon drizzle cake and was happy to have it again after a long absence.


Regent Park at sunset was gorgeous. For some reason, I missed my family so much while here. I was thinking, “My mum would love these flowers!” or “My dad would love the view and those ducks.” Made me a little sad, heh.

IMG_5698 IMG_5699

The open air theatre has a BBQ/picnic area and a cafe, but the food looked pretty so-so. BBQ meats looked dry and unappealing so kind of glad we ate beforehand.

IMG_5705 IMG_5714 IMG_5729 IMG_5737

The show was simply amazing. M and I both love the show so much because it represents a part of our childhood. The Sound of Music was the very first musical I’d ever watched (and watched 100 times on videotape!). To see it ‘live’ was just … brilliant, and the great final reprise of “Climb Every Mountain” just melted me to putty. That analogy resonates so strongly with the crazy journey I’ve been on this year and I needed to hear that message again.

I definitely left the show, heart full.

I won’t forget that moment for a long time :-)

More of London and Paris to come! x


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