this could be anything

Take me to Bath, take me to Paris.



Going back to Bath was about coming full-circle. I started this blog when I first went on exchange at the University of Bath in 2006; 7 years later, I still missed my time there and was eager to relive the memories.

Of course when you have such hefty expectations, invariably the experience lets you down. So I returned to find the Bath high street transformed – the old Sainsbury I did my groceries in, the Topshop where they had a 40% fire sale (literally – there was an actual fire in the store and they needed to clear “defective” merchandise) were now replaced by All Saints and Aveda within a new mall.

It felt very odd, like I’d gotten the address wrong and landed in the wrong town… Thank goodness our meal at Same Same But Different salvaged the trip.

We were led to it by the great reviews on Tripadvisor. Those reviews were warranted, alright.


The menu was small but interesting; the food flavorful and generous.

IMG_5800 IMG_5801 IMG_5802 IMG_5803 IMG_5804 IMG_5791 IMG_5761 IMG_5752 IMG_5753

The next morning before we left via train, we went back to Same Same But Different for breakfast. It did not let us down. Hearty, tasty, warming.

IMG_5826 IMG_5828 IMG_5823

We got back to London, hastily repacked, and then headed to Gatwick Airport for our flight to Paris.

After getting hopelessly lost while trying to find our hotel in Poissonnere, we were exhausted and grumpy when we finally checked in and settled on a diner a street away.

IMG_5890 IMG_5891

Little did we know that Hugo was a real gem – it had great rankings on Tripadvisor city guides, and the place was chockful of locals. Our luck finally returned when we scored the last walk-in table outside. It was 9pm but still light out! Lovely.

IMG_5895 IMG_5896 IMG_5897

The savory dishes were decent – M said his seafood platter was delicious – but my favourite was the tarte tatin with ice cream.

IMG_5898 IMG_5899



Our hotel for three nights was Hotel du Temps – a beautiful compact boutique hotel tucked away in Poissonere. In summer, the surrounding area was pretty much dead but I bet it’d be much better in other seasons when the restaurants and cafes nearby would be open and bustling.

The hotel room was small but very comfortable and clean. Poissonere is a bit far out from the typical tourist areas – and the Pink line seemed to have a lot more crazy people on it than the Yellow line (? haha) – but overall it was a cosy home base to explore the city from.


The next day we ventured into the Marais area – and got horribly lost again. This time thanks to my lack of preparation and dogged determination to not plan (a huge departure from my travel norm) and just “enjoy the moment”.

IMG_5911 IMG_5908

Eventually we found our way to Merci and met up with a couple of our Singaporean friends who were also visiting Paris at the same time.

IMG_5930 IMG_5928 IMG_5926



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