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When Paris goes on a charm offensive.

We were blessed with great weather in Paris. Paris just looked like it was very proud of itself, and rightly so. It was toastier and sunnier than London, requiring just a light jacket at certain points of the day, i.e. perfect walking weather.

Champs Elysees was pristine in the sunshine.

IMG_5996 IMG_6084

Vintage shopping in Marais was fun. I bought a couple of dresses and a skirt.

IMG_6083 IMG_6040 IMG_6053

We crossed the bridge to seek out Berthillon near Notre Dame but alas it was closed for summer! Damn vacances.


The other Berthillon-supplied shops nearby stayed open to satiate the hungry tourist crowd. We settled for one, and ordered sea salt caramel, vanilla, and praline. It was gooood.

IMG_6058 IMG_6061 IMG_6060 IMG_6081

We watched the Eiffel do its dazzling dance of lights.


Had Parisian breakfasts in cafes near Madeleine.


The very last meal we had before boarding the Eurostar back to London was at Royal Madeleine. This was the total highlight of our Paris sojourn.

Royal Madeleine was charming in every way. The decor was old school but not stuffy; the service warm but elegant. The food was delicious and generously-portioned. And to top it all off, they have a handsome grey restaurant cat (I think his name was Oscar) who would slip out into the dining room sometimes then slink away just as he got your interest.

IMG_6120 IMG_6117 IMG_6131 IMG_6134 IMG_6136

If I do return to Paris, I’ll definitely be eating at Royal Madeleine again.



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