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Reykjavik, I fell hard.

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Iceland, you are breathtaking.

You were also surprising.

You were grey and moody and rainy most days in summer, except for one glorious merciful day when we took the 4×4 jeep tour to see the waterfalls and geysers. You lit up, and we lit up with you.

I hiked up a freakin’ glacier for 3 hours without a harness – just a pickaxe and crampons – and hurt my ankles and really almost fell off and died. It was the single most frightening thing I’d ever done and it goes top on the list of “Things I’m glad I did but will never EVER do again”.

We discovered a cute Thai noodle shop, and ate a delicious hot piping bowl of noodles like three times over five days because it was soo good and comforting in the rain and the cold.

You’ve produced some really fine male specimens. Really. (Ahem.)

Lamb hotdogs – never thought I’d try it and like it, but I did. A lot.

You had the most diverse range of landscapes within a few hours’ drive I’ve ever experienced … the colours – from green and blue, to brown, to black, to bluish-white ice – were mesmerizing.

I want to return again in some years’ time, to watch the Northern Lights maybe and explore the Northern part of the country.


6 thoughts on “Reykjavik, I fell hard.

  1. jo says:

    yayy iceland :) those glacier trekking photos look really treacherous. remember you and M telling us about the horror. you’re so brave! glad you’re safe – defo not for the faint-hearted. if you think icelandic men look nice, you’ve gotta go to norway ;) even those above 30 (my barometer for ‘old’) look ruggedly dashing.

    • theletterzee says:

      thanks luv! I trust you on Norway … one day (soon hopefully) I’ll get to see those gorgeous fjords – and men! Lol.

    • theletterzee says:

      heya! nope, they were galloping behind a gentleman on a horse so I presume they’re owned. but aren’t they just beautiful… :)

  2. wl says:

    sounds like such an awesome trip. also can’t complain about thai noodles in winter. it’s definitely one of the countries I would want to visit ! and that church too ! that’s probably the top reason why I want to visit reykjavik.

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