all together, with feeling now



This time of year – when we traverse that little bridge of time that connects this year last year and next year this year – always feels kind of momentous to me.

Looking back, 2013 was a pretty epic year of growth and change. I haven’t felt so frightened and vulnerable and exhilarated and uncertain in a long time.

In some ways, it was also a year of reinstatement. I reinstated “me”, and gave life to the thoughts and desires and stirrings I’d tucked away years ago. I used to feel so detached and absent and eventually numb, but I’m awake now. Here again. Hard work that continues on and on, oh yes, but undeniably worthwhile.

2014 is another blank slate, really – that has made it somewhat hard to let go of 2013 (very rational, Zee!). But despite being down with a icky flu after Christmas and into the New Year – and despite looking at my bank account yesterday and having a 3am panic attack meltdown –  I catch myself smiling at nothing, like this afternoon when I stood at my living room window and took in the sunset and noisy kids below my block. Me. Smiling. Like an idiot.

It’s not the flu meds, I don’t think.

Must be all the “quality” TV I’ve been watching while zoning out on the couch :-) The only perk of being sick, I say!

The pre-Christmas week whizzed by in a blur of festive gatherings, then we were off to Taiwan for 8 days with the husband’s family. Taipei was great, I really fell in love with that city and am plotting ways and means to return this year hopefully when it’s less cold and rainy.

We counted down to the new year at a friend’s house, and we played Uno and ate hawker centre food. Nice and low-key.

In the new year, I think I may try to pick up yoga again.

Shoo, flu!

And I will try to live this :

I hope you have a nice lazy January, or a revving purposeful January – whichever you’d like most to have! xx

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