all together, with feeling now

In the words of Elphaba,

“I think I’ll try defying gravity!”

Because magic broomsticks don’t exist (alas), the next best alternative for me was Antigravity Yoga.

Earlier this month, I signed up for a one-week trial with Upside Motion – for $55, you get unlimited classes for a week. I attended three classes in that week, and tried out two Xtend Barre classes and one Antigravity Yoga class at the City Hall studio.

I’ll talk about Xtend Barre next time – but suffice to say, that workout is no joke. Not all placid plies at the ballet barre, believe me! Phew.

But Antigravity Yoga. I thought, first class, they’re gonna get you to do really basic stuff. No inversions or anything.

I was wrong.

Within 30 minutes, we were trying inversions.

Of course, the instructor Saniya “built” us up to the inversion, getting us to stretch fully and engage our core muscles first, while also teaching us how to use the hammock. She was great – very clear, patient and detailed. Great calming energy too.

The feeling of being upside down – and not connected to the ground in any way – was VERY weird. Getting my hands to not try to hold on to the floor seemed impossible, not to mention how disorienting it was to be completely topsy turvy.

Then the teacher said to me, ” Just let go of your fears. Trust the hammock.”

And I thought, “But I may just fall and break my neck! Or my shoulder! What if … What if …”

Then another voice in my head said, “But really, what’s the worst that could happen? Maybe you WON’T fall. Maybe it’ll work.”

And so I let go of my hands and let myself hang.

And I did. Nothing bad happened. I stayed in one piece.

WHOA. Weird.

We tried the inversions two more times after that, and also other fun things like swinging, “flying”, and cocooning in the hammock. I left the class feeling a bit woozy, but potentially it was just the post-panic / fear / disorientation / adrenaline happening.

Then I signed up for the package, and in the week that passed before I went for another class, I kept thinking back to that feeling of weird scary exhilaration when I was topsy turvy. It was also a small victory for me, conquering my fears and just taking a leap of faith even though I was terrified.

During the second class, I could really just enjoy the inversion because it felt easier, freer – I mean, your body still needs to work its core and your legs, and you need to stay relaxed not tense in the rest of your body, but it felt … good. I wasn’t scared any more. And coupled with the fact that it’s such a good stretching and conditioning class, I can see how this could be addictive.

And seeing how I’ve lined up two more Antigravity classes next week (My usual idea of punishing workout schedule is exercise once a week, by the way.), that alone speaks volumes :-)

Upside Motion

City Hall & Bukit Timah studios


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