all together, with feeling now


Back from Shanghai, and post-production blues have hit like a wall.

It was an incredible experience, tough and frustrating and exhilarating and so much fun all at once. I miss it already.

Productions are funny things – they are such intense connections – with other people, and the places, stories and characters within. When the run is over, the costumes and props are packed up, the set and light rigs dismantled, the theatre cleared, the people separated… and it’s almost as if it never happened. It evaporates into thin air. This is part of the magic of theatre, of course. But it’s also such a good reminder to treasure the experience while it is happening. To be present through it all :-)


2 thoughts on “Hiraeth.

  1. Hey Zee! Lovely post! So nice to know you have a blog to follow! Wish I could have watched the production in Shanghai – but air tickets are kind ex between Argentina & China! Lovely to read about your experience doing theatre – and the magic of it all ;)


    • theletterzee says:

      Hey flea! It’s so nice to hear from you all the way from Argentina… Thank you for your kind words about the post and blog. I’m also very pleased to see you’re writing about your culinary adventures, halfway across the world – it must be amazing living in such a vibrant country, and you write so beautifully about the people you’ve met and the food you’ve made / are making :) Especially love the post about owning and living your own story (and all the delicious grain-free items you’ve been whipping up!). I identify with what you said so very much (oh, those naysayers who do snuff our dreams… I feel you on that one). Cheers to walking our own paths, however ordinary or outstanding they are or may be! xx

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