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I’m so glad that naiise exists, finally a lovely well-curated e-store showcasing the best local design has to offer!

SCENE SHANG 新赏 is a beautifully crafted brand created by two friends, Pam and Jess. I am in love with their cushion covers, and am definitely getting at least the Aliwal Arts Centre one (They have four editions currently – Aliwal Arts Centre, Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, The Cathay cineplex, and Tiong Poh Road). This building has personal meaning to me as my actor training classes are being held here :)

These wheniwasfour Ang Ku Kueh pins are so adorable! I love ang ku kueh’s, mostly because they’re my dad’s favourite and remind me of him. (If you’re more of a savoury person, they also have the peng kueh version here.)



Sumaya’s Instant Gratification Noodles print quips, “Just add boiling impatience”.

One of the things I love most about the Chinese language is how poetic it is – succinct yet richly layered in meaning. Typesetting letterpress postcard “Pride invites sully; Humility invites goodness” exemplifies that.

And how lovely to see local artisanal food producers featured here! I may try out this delicious-sounding coconut gula melaka granola, having tried a similar granola at Common Man Coffee Roasters over the weekend. Mmmm.

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