I’m back!

Hong Kong was fruitful and not too hectic. I ate a lot (and have the additional heft to show for it), bought a lot , and hung out with my sister a lot. All three of these things made me most pleased :) To top it all off, the weather was deliciously cool and windy, and I loved every minute of it.

Eating highlights : walnut cream, red-bean cream and black-sesame cream with lotus seeds at Hong Kong’s oldest dessert shop ; honey mustard covered french fries from Ireland’s Potato ; hot honey lemon tea and fishball kway teow at Tsui Wah cafe ; Pret’s hot chocolate in a paper cup :)

Today I took leave from work, and pottering about at home and going for a pedicure with Mon was the perfect way to end a good holiday. Oh, and I got to watch Lipstick Jungle, Oprah and Ellen! (I want the Lipstick Jungle DVDs pretty please!!!) Wheee. It’s sad that work resumes tomorrow, though, but oh well. You can’t have it all.