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I want to tell the few friendly souls who’ve reached out and said my experience has inspired them, that they’re equally inspiring me – it’s such a wonderful thing to know that something I’ve set out to do could touch you, too. I didn’t expect that in the least, and it makes the “dream”, or goal if you will, that much more meaningful and special for me.

So, thank you so much for the good vibes and encouragement! It’ll be vital life-giving fuel to keep me pushing on when the going gets tough, and I can’t thank you enough for that.

(photo : a poetic little gift from Nabbycat)


Leap oceans; dream uncharted waters.

all together

Let’s make a _______.

I’m excited for Saturday brunch with my girls (Di and Xiao) at PACT; specifically, Kilo. PACT is a lifestyle concept store that combines restaurant, retail and a hairdresser’s, all in too-school-for-school industrial concrete. I love the write-up on PACT’s website, describing the concept…

PACT is a union of three different experiences in one multifaceted environment, putting a roof over the common appreciation for honest goods, tasty foods and creative services.

Kilo, meanwhile, talks of itself as a “restaurant and bar with an inclination for hearty flavours and raw spaces”, with a Japanese-/Vietnamese-inspired menu. My tastebuds are already tingling in anticipation.

Until now, the air-con-loving us avoided visiting Kilo’s original spot at Kallang River because we feared the humid heat, so we were pleased to know that this next venture is ensconced pleasingly in an Orchard Road mall.

I know it’s practically sacrilegious to say anything is pleasingly ensconced in a mall of any sort, but I do love my malls and I’m not ashamed to admit it :-)

Looking forward to a slow yet super exciting weekend!

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Wouldn’t you like to escape to here? Rayavadee resort is on Krabi island. Looks like it was carved out of a dream!

In other news, I have grown totally addicted to the intoxicating smell of ‘new home’ and teak wood in my walk-in wardrobe… every day, I look forward to getting home, taking a deep breath and inhaling it in. Is that a little crazy? LOL.

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I’m at the airport, waiting to board my flight to China. I should already be on my way, but no thanks to a 3-hour delay I will now touch down close to 1am Monday. (with a 7am wake-up time.) Blargh.

Thankfully, M stuck around to keep me company for awhile. Some Crystal Jade fried noodles and hearty double-boiled soup later things don’t seem so bad.

Reading material, check. (Monocle’s April issue)

Perfunctory airport impulse buy, check. (This time, a new MAC blusher brush)

Socks and coat to keep warm on board, check.

See you on the other side!


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A year later,

that same day, we ate, watched tv, we took nice long walks. It was decidedly nice in a low-key way, despite the bothersome hiccups.

It definitely felt surreal thinking back to the wedding – many memories scarily fuzzy. And it was just a year ago…?!

Just goes to show, in the end it’s not the wedding that endures. It’s everything else, cemented from the moment we said ‘yes’ to this crazy life together, that does.

And the journey continues. :)