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I’m so glad that naiise exists, finally a lovely well-curated e-store showcasing the best local design has to offer!

SCENE SHANG 新赏 is a beautifully crafted brand created by two friends, Pam and Jess. I am in love with their cushion covers, and am definitely getting at least the Aliwal Arts Centre one (They have four editions currently – Aliwal Arts Centre, Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, The Cathay cineplex, and Tiong Poh Road). This building has personal meaning to me as my actor training classes are being held here :)

These wheniwasfour Ang Ku Kueh pins are so adorable! I love ang ku kueh’s, mostly because they’re my dad’s favourite and remind me of him. (If you’re more of a savoury person, they also have the peng kueh version here.)



Sumaya’s Instant Gratification Noodles print quips, “Just add boiling impatience”.

One of the things I love most about the Chinese language is how poetic it is – succinct yet richly layered in meaning. Typesetting letterpress postcard “Pride invites sully; Humility invites goodness” exemplifies that.

And how lovely to see local artisanal food producers featured here! I may try out this delicious-sounding coconut gula melaka granola, having tried a similar granola at Common Man Coffee Roasters over the weekend. Mmmm.

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design love

Everyday louche.

Baggu has introduced a simple leather tote in the most gorgeous colours – I am leering at the yellow one myself…


design love

Obsessed over …

Block Shop scarves.

These silk-cotton beauties are printed in Bagru, India, where hand-block printing has been a centuries-old tradition and craft.

They explain the printing process in a great photo-series here.

I am waiting for the re-stock to happen soon, so that I can have the painfully delicious dilemma of choosing just one scarf to buy (and bring with me to London!).

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two sides // \\ same coin.

I am absolutely enamored by La Chance, a French furniture brand whose founders couldn’t agree if they wanted the brand to represent muted palettes or pops of color, and so decided to do both.

Each furniture item they design comes in two versions – Jekyll (bright colors, super-fun), and Hyde (muted, neutral, sexy).

Isn’t that genius?! I love the idea of two facets to one item, and having the option to choose either – or both! – to suit your mood.

I also love that the forms themselves – so visually arresting and geometric; I could look at them all day. So much fun :)

Tembo stool – Jekyll (top) and Hyde (bottom)

Climb wall shelf – Jekyll (top) & Hyde (bottom)

Rocky bookshelf – Jekyll (top) and Hyde (bottom)

Iconic mirror – Jekyll (top) and Hyde (bottom)

(images via Dezeen)