all together, with feeling now, Etsy finds

Wood + rock + feather.

Super excited about my iheartnorwegianwood purchases on Etsy ! (All thanks to Susie Bubble’s post here…) I’ve not been this anxious to receive an online purchase for a long time now.  Here’s hoping both pieces fit me fine – eeeeps.

Etsy finds, home

Etsy finds.

On one of my obsessive late-night Etsy browsing, I came across Holcroft, a cute little store that sells lots of old maps and tear-outs from old books. Tons of potential for great prints to hang up at home.

These are my picks :

A gem print that came from a 1909 encyclopaedia. It boggles my mind to imagine something so old!

Super cool print of “flaked specimens illustrating the rejectage of celt making” (I never knew “rejectage” was a word!), from a book on Native Americans published in 1897.

As you can tell, natural geologic forms appeal very much. Hehe.


all together, with feeling now, Etsy finds, home, photografii

Etsy finds.

With the weak US$-S$ exchange rate, shopping on Etsy just made more sense.

Here’re some of my latest finds…

A square edition of Christopher Bettig’s ‘We are not two, we are one’ poster.

A pretty bike for easy breezy weekends, from Bowery Lane Bicycles. (Handmade in NYC!)

Vintage cross-stitch bird, from luckylittledot.

I’m mesmerized by the colors on this stoneware pot, from DiTerra.

Little bubbles organic ring, from lachicadelosanillos.

Loving the geometry in this mobiles print, from JennSki.

A cute little desk companion, from economico.

What do you think, lovelies? :)

Oh, and this week sure has gone by fast. It’s Friday tomorrow! Whee.

all together, with feeling now, Etsy finds

daydreaming on Etsy.

Hello my dears! How are your weekends going?

 Sorry for the long disappearance; it was one of those weeks at work that left me with little energy to do much else … I’m so glad it’s the weekend.

Seeing as I didn’t really have much time to go shopping, plus the fact that it’s been raining nonstop here in Singapore all week, I’ve been busy rediscovering my love for Etsy and its wonderful universe of the quirky and characterful.

This dress takes my breath away. Hand-painted 1950’s dress, from VeraVague. US$210.

Such a fun print, from thewheatfield, US$15.

laurenrosedesigns stocks all sorts of gorgeous vintage jewelry, like this turquoise ring circa 1880’s. Makes you wonder about the stories behind these pieces… they sure don’t make designs like these anymore.

This vintage viewmaster gift pack from ethanollie is amaze. It comes with slides such as ‘the coronation of Queen Elizabeth XI’, ‘Man In Space’, and ‘Inside Moscow’. How cool! (I am super tempted by this one.)

The ethnic print of this vintage one-shoulder dress reminds me of Balinese Batik, and also the African prints that were the rage awhile back. From LuvStoneVintage, US$80.

I’m enamored by the colours and pensive gaze of this portrait entitled ‘Luke’. From thewheatfield again, US$15.

It’s still pouring rain outdoors and I’m relishing the opportunity to stay under the blanket for a while longer, before I will have to get out of bed and meet two of my favourite people in the world for tea.

May your Sunday be warm, dry and wonderful wherever you are!