a happiness offering.


J, P and their two tots came back to Singapore over the Chinese New Year, and so we had a local-food feast at my place. Barring “kid dramas” (Caitie fell and cut her lip! OMG.), it was the best kind of people and energy to fill the house up with :) Also their return to Singapore gave us all a perfect reason to pig out on char kway teow, duck rice, chicken wings, bak kut teh, and more.




And boy was it goooooood.




Especially Dottie’s blueberry crumble cake that was just the right density, with fresh blueberries dotted (pun intended) in. I am thankful that I have friends who bake so well. Ha.



Wearing my new dress from Rockstar for yet another CNY binge-fest at an auntie’s place. Family, sashimi, yu sheng, blackjack, and an Ah Boys To Men viewing made it a great night.



Our first look at my talented interior-designer-brother-in-law’s new pad over the weekend was nothing short of inspiring.



My little nephew giving me his cutest blank look. He didn’t have to try very hard to be adorable.



My older nephew decided to anoint everyone with panda stickers.



Udon with poached egg and butter. That’s it.

This bowl of noodles has tortured my consciousness for days since my sister ate it during lunch – I need to get my fix. Maybe tonight.


When I found out I didn’t make it through the audition, teh was quite simply, ingestible comfort. A hug in a mug, I say!


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the heart of the matter.

2013 didn’t wait for me to catch my breath; it just put its foot down hard on the pedal and went for it.  I am still recovering but thankfully things have changed and I am starting a chapter anew :-) (more on that next time….)

Please can I return to the lovely time in Phuket and Bangkok over Christmas? It was exactly what the ol’ soul needed. A hit of the “pause” button. An escape from everyday life, straight into the idyllic little bubble that is a villa in Phuket, and a lovely hotel room in Bangkok.

As I was trying to be good about ignoring my phone, there isn’t exactly overwhelming photographic evidence.

I can’t wait to go back sometime soon :-) If only for the milk tea and the smiley Thai people.


IMG_0412 IMG_0409 IMG_0402 IMG_0399










IMG_0501 IMG_0496


IMG_0463IMG_0489 IMG_0487 IMG_0479 IMG_0477

IMG_0653 IMG_0738


IMG_0716 IMG_0580


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Istanbul & Izmir.

To combat the heat of Istanbul, we ate. Well, I might add. Our cute little hotel sits above a restaurant, run by the same uber-cool couple, so that made it easier to achieve. Istanbul was populated with beautiful people with interesting faces, and European architecture next to Islamic monuments (and architectural wonders).

It was a story in combinations.

I don’t know if I’ll go back again, but it is definitely a city with many layers to explore and peel back; and I think we only scratched the surface.

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Last week, in photos : over-ordering for two at First Thai, while hatching “First Wives Club” plans (the name of our band! LOL) / the charm and other-wordliness of Raffles Hotel / naked bulbs, peeling paint and walk-up units = awesome (except when in Geylang, when it’s just sleazy) / a little Playmobil fella in what suspiciously resembles a Royal Tenenbaums Adidas tracksuit / preparing for friends to fill the house with food and laughs on Saturday / the Fairy and race-car driver Playmobils / our $49 Ikea side table / Gaga and Goliath / latest reading material (first time reading Paul Theroux! He’s so good) / new sunnies /  our mini yellow chair from Grafunkt, at 40% off / finally after months, a TV console.


all together, with feeling now, photografii


April’s been tough, but in so many little yet not-so-little ways, lovely. Here’re some more of those lovely moments –

Sara made me a necklace! It’s gold chain intertwined with navy, red, turquoise and white string. Isn’t it gorgeous?

During a particularly stressful afternoon, I treated our team to the delectable muffins at The Muffinry (I’m not a muffin person myself, so I got their delish quiche instead).

Navy, white lace and silver for Jolyn and Samuel’s wedding.

It was in a quaint little cottage in Dempsey, part of the John Erdos gallery. The space was filled with love, pretty salmon-pink lanterns, and singing (it was a Christian ceremony).

Baby’s breath in gorgeous vintage jars, overlooking Haji Lane.

Shawna and I hit the shops one Sunday when we were both husband-less – we both came away with happy purchases :-)

We’ve been on a bit of a flower bender since moving in – it’s a nice little treat and pick-me-up at the end of a long day to see these beauties.

M came back from Hong Kong with a lovely surprise :-)

Getting the house ready for dear friends to arrive for a house-warming party. Zal brought his amazing chicken wings, we ordered pizza and made salad, Jem of course felt the food wasn’t sufficient and bought duck rice from downstairs (which turned out to be a blessing in disguise as the pizzas were pathetic), and Dot provided us with Da Paolo tiramisu and homemade choc chip cookies. We laughed and talked and played with the kids and bitched about others and talked about everything and nothing – it was an amazing night :-)


The ever-thoughtful Dot presented us with homemade choc chip cookies, meat spice-rub, and vanilla sugar as a house-warming present. Bless her. :-)

Shot stolen from a camera screen – hence the horrid colours.

Post-party, awake and a little depressed at the house being so empty suddenly, I cleaned up the place and arranged / cut some more flowers.

It’s moments like these that make it all worthwhile, I think. :-)