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I took the sneaker plunge.

I kind of couldn’t resist the combination of grey, purple, green and dark blue, so these babies came home with me.

Fingers tightly crossed that I manage to find ways of wearing them without looking like a Fool.

Also, time to go hunting for colorful laces! Yay.

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pretty things

The perfect shade of blue.

Essie’s Lapis of Luxury is a beautiful, dreamy mix of Greek-sky blue, light denim, and a tinge of grey to balance it out. I’ve been looking for such a shade for a looong time, so happy I’ve found it that I’ve used only this for weeks now.

Also, I’m quite impressed with Essie’s nail polish quality. It goes on sheer and buildable, and I love that I can wear it for about 4-5 days before it flakes significantly.

Have you tried Essie? Or are you an OPI loyalist? :)


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weave it together.

I have rugs on the mind :-)

As we will be having a rectangular white tile in our apartment’s living and dining areas, a couple of rugs will be handy to warm up the space.

Am absolutely crazy about Loom‘s beautiful pieces … (And they have a useful glossary which explains all the terminology, too.)

A cheery vintage tulu.

Anatolian vintage goat’s hair and wool kilim – so moody and gorgeous.

Love the washed-out effect of this vintage overdyed rug.

Pearl collection ikat rug. Classic.

So bohemian! Hepsi ‘hairy’ rug.

(via Loom)

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Thankfully I managed to squeeze in a little shopping between store visits for work!

My favourite purchase has to be the painting from tianzifang in Shanghai, for $30. I love the colors and the perspective – teasing and almost cheeky.

I also got a cute country-jar-mug, a linen pirate-man to guard my room door (or should I say, doarrrrrr), and a bunch of fun magnets with movable limbs (the naked ones tickle me).