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roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.

Today has been a rather deflating day – so I’m trying to stay positive by thinking about all the fun June and July has to offer –

I won’t ever forget how awesome Jason Mraz was when I first saw him ‘live’ 4 or 5 years ago. Not that familiar with his latest songs but pretty sure his showmanship and sheer awesomeness will more than make up for it. Oh, and the fact that it’s held inside Gardens By The Bay is a nice cherry on top too – I’m so curious about that place!

Everyone needs a good belly-aching laugh once in a while! Looking forward to seeing Michelle Chong do stand-up. And of course, the rest of the line-up makes this an easy decision. We’ll be going for a matinee in early July :-)

I’m super excited to see La Cage Aux Folles – we managed to snag the early bird deal for its end-July run on the last day, phew. Musicals are literally my drug – and plus it’s always been on my ‘To-do’ list to watch the great Ivan Heng ‘live’ and in drag.

On a more short-term note, what do you have planned for the rest of the week?

I’m meeting a dear friend tonight for a long-overdue chat over Thai food (Thai iced tea, here I come), and then on Saturday we’ll be having some of my closest friends over at our place for another house-warming party.

May Saturday and Sunday come sooner and linger longer for all of us! <3


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you need someone you can believe in.

A basket of random –

black*eiffel has great musical taste – her newest recc : breakbot and their upbeat song, Baby I’m Yours (very Passion Pit-y).

Whoa, Helena Christensen is still so hot.

Mociun ring (the one with the triangle), worn by Jenny Gordy of wikstenmade. I love how delicate yet slightly edgy it is!

Looks like a cute movie!

Have a great weekend, folks :)

( black*eiffel / Jak&Jil / wikstenmade / vain&vapid )

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Oh, remember that feeling?

“Concrete jungle where dreams are made of

There’s nothing you can’t do

Now you’re in New York

These streets will make you feel brand new

Big lights will inspire you”

– “Empire State of Mind”, Alicia Keys


ps. Jamie of From Me To You takes the loveliest photos of New York… I’m so in love with her work.

{from me to you /the mouse / the sartorialist}

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Desert sunset, a lullaby

A song perfect for a rainy afternoon, and very close to my heart… because M watched me walk down the aisle to this.

“Just because you are you,

just because you are

So beautiful –

And I’ve been waiting all this life

In the company of one, and

I know I am young

But I don’t want to be alone

If you could only just consider

the two of us, then I know, darling

I could be so good to you”

– “Desert Sunrise”, Brett Dennen

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baby, whether you’re high or low

It’s Friday!

What are your plans for the weekend? I think I’m going to take it easy and just breathe – it’s one of those rare weekends where we don’t have much planned… except, maybe trying out broccoli cheese soup recipes and sleeping in.

Random – Went back to Sasa and they were having 32% off second items! (For my eyebrow pencil anyway) So guess what? I bought four. Haha. A hoarder can’t change her storage-inclinations.

ps. Janelle Monae – woo!

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